I’ve had a very long day, and I can’t seem to make the words flow. Instead, I’d like to share two videos that may send you down a rabbit hole. There is a segment of the YouTube that is all people building stuff. A further subset of these videos isn’t so much about instruction as it is about appreciating the process. I find this category to be almost meditative, and very enjoyable.

First up is one of Adam Savage’s One Day Builds. If you only know him from Mythbusters, it won’t take much Googling to reveal a lot more to like. This video was just posted, and I only meant to watch a little of it. And then it was over.

I highly recommend his podcast too.

Next up is Jimmy DiResta. I’ve never been able to stop one of his videos after pressing play. This one is representative, but I like them all.

If you also try your hand at building, you should definitely watch his tips series.

Happy Hump Day.