Today I pre-ordered the new 9.7” iPad Pro, but I’m worried. It’s not about the RAM, although that may be a problem. I’m worried that I am trying to buy another shortcut.

With the benefit of hindsight, I am able to look back at my adult life and see the many times I have done this. I wanted to be more active, so I bought hiking and camping gear. I wanted to exercise more, so I bought some weights. I wanted to run more, so I bought a fancy watch. I’m having trouble taking notes when I am reading to learn, so I bought an iPad with the Pencil. These things all have something in common: they didn’t build the habits I was trying to form.

There is something different about the last two, however. I cancelled the watch purchase, which was delayed anyway, but I have been running. With the iPad, I have a problem to solve, but I know it’s not the solution. I just hope it will help. Plus, I am an iPad guy. I use my mini all the time now, and my wife’s non-Retina mini is on its last leg. We have a “need” for a replacement anyway.

Still, I don’t want this to be a thing I do. I think I am much more savvy on habits, and have successfully formed many new ones since I tried my last shortcut. I am more attuned to my brain’s stupid tricks.

So, I am going to try this out, but I’m not betting everything on it. This won’t be the linchpin. It is just a very expensive test.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.