I don’t want this blog to become tiresome reading, and I think it may be if I only ever talk about the things I have figured out. With that in mind, I’m here to tell you I still don’t exercise enough. Usually I don’t exercise at all.

I periodically go many weeks faithfully exercising, thinking I’ve finally solved the problem, only to fall back into inactivity. Couch to 5k back to couch. I’ve analyzed each failure with nerdy precision, and I think the answer is I don’t really want it enough. I really do think it’s that simple.

Looked at dispassionately, and maybe a bit abstractly, this is just like any economic transaction. I want something. It costs something. I decide which “something” I want more. Evidently, the juice hasn’t been worth the squeeze.

Whenever I decide it’s time to tackle this problem (again), I alter the transaction in some way. I’ve tried lessening the “price” of exercise (choosing easier workouts, more convenient scheduling, etc.) and increasing the “value” of exercise (visualizing results, signing up for a future race, self-shaming, etc.). No luck so far.

My current attempt is in progress right now, and this time I decided to spend way too much money on some shiny new tech in the hopes that my love for gadgets will combine with my love of tracking and my hatred of wasting money (so much money) to produce lasting results. Only time will tell.

I’ll let you know how I’m doing in a few weeks.