Interwoven through many posts here is a common thread that I am fascinated by many things. In some ways, I think it is one of my biggest strengths, but it has one serious side effect. I have a lot of trouble finishing what I start.

This is not just a matter of failed projects. Businesses declare bankruptcy. Big ideas are sunsetted. Unsuccessful car models are discontinued. Failure is an ending My projects don’t fail, they are just forgotten. Just about every time this happens because something else has grabbed my attention.

I try to manage my split attention with what I call “seasons of obsession.” The idea here is that I permit myself only one side project at a time for three months, the length of a season. I think I first got this idea from Stephen King’s rules for writing (rule 10), but I’m not sure. If I have a good, new idea or come across new information about a project not in season, I put it in Trello and move on.

I know this is a good plan, but I still fail to finish things. I half-know Javascript. I’ve designed most of my own custom keyboard. I am slightly better than worst-ever on guitar. The list goes on and on. I am good at buying stuff for new hobbies, but that’s a topic for another day.

So where does this leave me? I’m not sure, but I’ll start by finishing as many things as I can. I’ll finish all the books I’ve begun (even Thinking, Fast and Slow, and I’ll finish all the shows I watch (I only have two episodes of Daredevil left).

I’ll also keep writing daily here. Even when I don’t have answers, writing things out orders my thoughts. I just don’t know how I’ll know when the blog is finished…