As I thought through this upcoming week, one particular goal came easily to mind.

Like everyone else, my day is littered with lots of in-between times. Recently, I’ve been prone to frittering away this time with general non-Twitter1 social media browsing. Sometimes, it’s a nice mood bump, but usually it’s nothing. These next 5 days, I want to see how much spare time I can put to good use.

Since I have a lots I’d like to accomplish, and my books-to-read list continues to grow, this week I’m going to knock out a couple next-actions or pick up a book anytime I find myself with nothing in particular to do. Any time I want to do some random internet-ing, I’ll set a 5-minute timer.

I will also track my mood, energy, and output and report back.

  1. Twitter was never a productive time, obviously, but a while back I noticed it was leaving me somewhere on the spectrum between annoyed and pissed off. So I don’t go there anymore. I’m pretty sure no one’s noticed I left the party. ↩︎