No randomness post today. I just don’t have the mental overhead right now. Parsing Taleb’s prose into logical, distinct posts has been more of a challenge than I expected.

I often regret committing to writing every day, especially with how little contiguous free-time I have. During an average day, I read from three or four books, which is time I enjoy in an unqualified way. Writing is the actual work,1 and it’s when I do the work of distilling large portions of a book into bite-sized chunks that I actually learn.

This is made a bigger challenge, since I am foolish enough to to this publicly. I wouldn’t put in as much effort, or presumably learn as much, just scrawling in a notebook. It’s hard to make myself do this work at the end of a long week, so I guess I’ll periodically just do a bit of navel gazing instead.

Happy Friday.

  1. You know, besides my actual work that pays the bills. Almost forgot. ↩︎