I have trouble responding to some email. I good with work email, because I generally know what to expect, and I generally know what to say. The problem occurs when I receive email that requires a piece of me in return.

A perfect example of this type of email is the feedback I receive from the small but mighty group of WtG readers. I am always so excited to receive a quick note from folks who liked a particular post or have some general encouragement for me. Sometimes a reply comes quickly to mind, but other times I need to think a little bit more.

The problem is I seem unable to manufacture a quick and thoughtful reply. I am certainly over-thinking this, but knowing that doesn’t help me. This effect is magnified if I am particularly touched by an email or find it moves my thoughts in new or unexpected directions.

Oftentimes, the only chance I have to sit down to write and think is at the end of the day when I write my daily post. In these cases, I usually am mentally exhausted by the time I hit “publish,” and find myself unable to do the important work of replying to important email. My silence implies indifference, when the opposite is true. Surely I would make everyone happier by just writing back immediately.

So, dear reader, if you sent me an email and have not heard back, you now know I valued it so much that I was unable to reply quickly. Thank you, and I am sorry.