Yesterday, Erik and I released the first episode of our new podcast Seasons of Obsession. He introduced it far better than I can, but I think of the show as a combination rough draft and director’s-cut version of our writing. As the name suggests, we will also sometimes veer off in pursuit of short-lived obsessions.

Today on this site, I am launching a new feature: podcast companion posts. Since I know how hard it is to read everything I want to on a daily basis, I’m hoping an audio version might allow more folks to follow along as I try to get better. Functionally, this will be simple: each Tuesday and Thursday I will publish new posts in audio and text form. You can read or listen online right here or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

Without audiobooks, I could only cover a small fraction of what I want to read, and I hope the audio option here will mean some of you will listen to With the Grain when you can’t read it. One way or the other, I hope you stick around, and please let me know what you think.