I seem to be stuck in the routine of writing at night, but it also seems to limit the type of writing I can do.

I know generally what I want to say in the last two installments of my randomness series,1 but I haven’t been able to drum up the mental energy to write them. I’m not even sure it’s a mental-energy thing. I think it may be that I know the time required by these research-oriented posts, and I feel bedtime looming.2

Instead, I start a short post, which then grows, and grows, and all of a sudden it’s late. There’s no startup friction. In a perfect world, I think maybe I’d write late into the night and then get up at 10AM the next morning. This is not an option right now, for a number of reasons.

I can’t decide whether all this is a good thing or not. Despite my money talk yesterday, I am not writing here in order to make money. I’m writing to get better, to firm up my own ideas, and as an act of self discipline. If I were trying to make money on this, however, I would probably have dialed in analytics, and if I dialed in analytics, I would probably know what posts resonate with you lovely folks.

Are series good? Is that true more for the topical ones than the book ones? How about when I talk about myself? When I discuss failure? That’s why I’d like to have good analytics. I want to spend my time on what’s interesting or helpful to others.

In the absence of any useful data, I’ll just keep writing what I can.

  1. This would finish Part I of Fooled by Randomness. I’m not sure I will cover the remainder of the book. ↩︎

  2. If it is a matter of mental energy, I think it’s the act of synthesis which is to blame. Summarizing and condensing complex ideas is surprisingly difficult. It takes time to be brief↩︎