I am no longer going to post here every day.

I was certain that I was back in after a period of doubt, and I was very moved by the thoughtful replies I received. I was certain, and then I changed my mind. I seem prone to this.

Much of the feedback I received referenced writing as a passion, and having a handle on the the “why” of it. Another one of my favorite people compared the discipline of daily writing to a fitness plan, which I think is very apt. These were the lenses through which I examined this decision.

Specifically, I considered the best possible end state. I’ve expressed a dream of being full-time writer before, but it was a nebulous hope. Today I pinned it down. What would I love about this ideal end state?

What would be so great about being a full-time writer? Being a best-selling author? Would it be the joy of the written word? Would it be joy of affecting many lives? Would I be happy having my own writer’s hut?

What would I love most?

I realized that I am most passionate about the written word, but about reading the written word. I love hearing the spoken word. I love learning new information any way I can. I love synthesizing seemingly disparate ideas. I love making complex ideas easier to understand.

I have no idea if this could ever be a profession, but this is what I want to do every day. I want to spend the free time I have doing what I love most.

I want to read, listen, watch, and learn. I want to think.

Is this blog dead? I don’t know. Probably? One of the ways I find out what I think is by writing about a topic, and then editing it to within an inch of its life. So, I think I will post here periodically. I hope I will. I’m just not going to make myself do it.

I’m finished, and I think I’m okay with that.