As tradition has it, it’s time to look at my weekly goals.

Last week, I wanted to avoid device-use first thing in the morning. I succeeded, but I’m not sure it mattered. I didn’t feel any more or less in control of the day that followed, and I had no big revelations. Maybe this is a bit of conventional wisdom that doesn’t matter in my case.

Regardless, it was a good way to exercise my habit muscle, so I’m happy about that. I’ll keep it up another week to see if the benefits were just slow to arrive.

So, what’s the goal for this week? This is the first Sunday in a while that nothing came immediately to mind. I’m away from home this week, so none of my habit patterns will be precisely the same. This means the effects of a new habit can’t be easily measured, so I might as well focus on an achievement instead.

This week, I want to improve the quality of my posts. Last week I was beginning to lose patience, but I also decided too accept that it was okay to just keep writing. Now I want to create an inflection point that will make this writing better.

This goal will be tough to evaluate, but that’s okay. It’s an unusual week anyway.